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  • 投稿者:田本四郎
  • 投稿日:2009年12月11日(金)16時16分7秒

There are many guides to survive the workplace. rmt-qa For

me, there is only one rule: Either you bury

your nose in work and get things down, rmt-news or you

find some other ways to impress your boss.

news-rmt Impressing the others has never been my strong

suit, besides I seem to have problems with the

authority. I never know how to make proper approaches to those in power, so unconsciously I just


them as possible as I can. As a technical assistant, I am undertaking most of works offstage. Truthfully,


very difficult to make myself even visible. My career would be doomed if I am not a hard working

person. I

am noted to be a willing horse in the office and so get most of the word to do.
href="http://www.rmt777.jp">rmt777 I don’t mind

much. Frankly, I am no good at being a lady of leisure anyway. Give me half a day doing nothing but


idly, my interests in online things would exhaust. The prolonged inactivity was going to eat at me, and

soon I would start hunting for something to fill the empty. No matter how many assignments I have


in my entire life, I never pluck up enough courage to ask for a pay rise. What an easy target of being

exploited I am! Fortunately, in the company I am working now, my hard work has been appreciated


somehow paid off. During six year service in my present company, I have worked for three bosses in a


L, P and D. L always gave me “excellence" in my performance evaluation; the first thing P did is

to ask HR a

salary raise for me when he got promoted; and now it comes to D. D is… how to say it? D is D.
Yesterday, he asked for a talk in his office. At first I was nervous, even I knew I hadn’t done anything

wrong, and so far in several occasions he expressed his satisfaction with my performance, but it always

is a

nerve-wracking to be called for a talk with your boss,r--m--t

isn’t it?

After some polite chit, arcadiasaga-rmt he got to the

point: “You understand that under such a situation

it is impossible for a pay rise for you.” Of course I understand. Just a few days ago, L tried to


her salary and benefit package with her boss, and unsurprisingly she just banged her head right to the


And even worse, her boss got furious. What a nerve! His tolerance for L’s inefficiency has come to the

breaking point, and just at this moment, L came forward to ask for a pay rise. Frankly, I didn’t

understand L

at all. It’s obviously that our company has its own compensation policy. Without some glorious

achievement---which basically impossible for a technical assistant, I mean, what kind of achievement


could possibly accomplish to attract enough attentions? Get our reports published?, anyway it is


to ask for a rise. But why D mentioned this to me? As far as I remembered, I never breathed a word


it to him. He just got promoted, and obviously there are many other things to occupy his mind. So


not save my breath? After K transferred to another department, I undertook half of her duties. Even


workload has added, I still don’t think I have enough chips to negotiate this issue. And now he


brought it up, I felt puzzled, and the only response I could give is: c9-rmt “I know."

“You have done a great job, dragonball-rmt and I hinted

several times before but you seemed not to get

it. So let’s get it straight. You can’t get a pay rise, but from now on,
href="http://www.aionrmt.jp/">rmt you could claim several hundred

yuan taxi fee per month. rmt It’s not much, but if

opportunity arises, I would try something else.” I could

actually feel blood rush into my cheeks, and I felt a little dizzy. It's not because of the money, but all


troubles he went through. He hinted, several times? How? When? Vaguely I remembered he


some other ways to make up for my added work, but I never got it seriously. I thought that he was


trying to be polite. Yes, the money is not much, but it means that my efforts have been appreciated


valued.ffxiv-rmt The meaning behind it is too much.
href="http://www.rmt-cc.jp">rmt-cc Thank you, boss.


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